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48894763 HSS-TIN RED HEX 3 MM - 2PCS

48894763 HSS-TIN RED HEX 3 MM - 2PCS

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Impact rated drill bit with ¼″ hex shank optimised for impact drivers.

Titanium Nitride coating dispenses heat and makes the drill bit suitable for use also in high speed.

QUAD EDGE™ Tip: unique combination of 135° split point and four cutting edges: 135° split point allows for precise & fast drilling start without walking. Four cutting edges create smaller chips to prevent heat build up for longer life.

Variable flute geometry: For faster material ejection. Helps the bit run cooler and prevent it from burning out faster.

Enhanced tapered web: Wider core towards the shank of the drill bit. Strengthens the core to increase overall flute durability.