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0700003883 CarryVac 2 P150 110-120V UK

0700003883 CarryVac 2 P150 110-120V UK

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The Carryvac 2 P150/P150 AST are two small, lightweight, portable extraction units designed to be carried to the working area. Connected to a welding torch or to an extraction nozzle, the Carryvac 2 units extract the fume directly at source. The polluted air is filtered and captured in an hygienically-packed filter.
The Carryvac 2 is equipped with a filter indicator which shows when the filter must be replaced. It is ideal for maintenance welding, low and medium-duty cycle. The filter capacity is approximately 200 kg of solid wire or twelve 15 kg spools.
The Carryvac 2 P150 AST is equipped with an automatic start/stop function which increases the service life of each filter and of the unit itself. The Carryvac 2 P150 can be mounted on ESABs standard welding machines using the supplied mounting kit.
Please also see ESAB Centrovac extraction torch range.