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A 24 Extra 230 X 6 X 22.23mm Grinding Disk

A 24 Extra 230 X 6 X 22.23mm Grinding Disk

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A 24 Extra – Kronenflex grinding discs for metal

A 24 Extra helps professional users process metal with exceptional speed and superior quality. The Kronenflex grinding disc can be used for

  • maintenance and repairs,
  • plant and container manufacturing and for
  • general fabrication.

The grinding disc is suitable for universal use and shines when mounted on angle grinders with great aggressiveness and exceptionally long service life. Klingspor offers this product with a large number of diameters, making sure that every user will find the grinding disc that matches their application perfectly. The shape of the wheels comes with a depressed centre. Information on the maximum permissible motor speed is found on the label. If operated at the specified running speed, Kronenflex grinding discs will operate safely at all times.