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0446400884 ESAB Fabricator EM 401i Air Cooled
0446400884 ESAB Fabricator EM 401i Air Cooled

0446400884 ESAB Fabricator EM 401i Air Cooled

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£2,600.00 ( £3,120.00 inc VAT )

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As a welding operator, your work can be unpredictable. But you cannot afford to tolerate unpredictability when it comes to your welding fleet. At ESAB, we have been working hard to create a reliable and user-friendly welding machine that saves our customers time and money. Meet Fabricator: the powerful, efficient, and affordable industrial welding workstation designed for maximum mobility around your shop – so your production never misses a step



•Fabricator’s inverter-basetechnology allows for better power efficiency, easier operation, and better overall utility for heavy-industrial welding applications.

•Designed for heavy-industrial MIG, flux cored, and stick applications

•Welding output up to 400 A and 500 A at 60% duty cycle

•Optimised welding performance for different wire sizes (0.8 –1.6 mm) and gases means you can achieve high-quality welds even with pure CO2shielding gas

•Built with a 4-wheel-drive feeding system for wire feed speeds up to 25 m/min.

•Proven industrial-grade IP23 housing for indoor and outdoor use

•Easy-to-open side panel for preventative

 *Please note counterbalance is not included in the price. Contact us for further information*