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Fronius iWave 300 AC/DC Gas Cooled

Fronius iWave 300 AC/DC Gas Cooled

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iWave 300i DC TIG power source, OPT/i Puls Pro, TTB 300A W ML/70°/L65, THP 300i W ML/F++/UD/Le/4m/LED, TU Car 4 Pro


/ Gas- or water cooled TIG welding power source (DC or AC/DC)
/ 40% duty cycle at maximum current 300A
/ Absolute quality on all weldable materials
/ Excellent welding performance thanks to innovative functions such
as CycleTIG, RPI auto, ...
/ Self-explanatory operation due to graphic-dynamic visualisation
/ Multiprocess PRO: 1 device for all welding processes
/ Wireless connection of remote controls, welding helmets and smart
/ Modular and expandable range of functions (compatible with TIG
cold wire feed)
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