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Fronius TPS 400i

Fronius TPS 400i

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£6,995.00 ( £8,394.00 inc VAT )

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TPS 400i no Welding Package included

Welding Package Pulse

WF 25i /4R/G/FSC

TU Car 4 Pro OPT/TU turning pintle mounting WF15i-30i / VR5000

HP 70i CON /W/1,2m

MHP 500i W ML/FSC/UD/4,35m/LED MTB 400i W ML/45°/L168/H77

Feeder roll U 1,2

The TPS/i is a universal genius, which was newly designed from the
ground and which is available in the power categories 320, 400, 500
and 600A. Therefore the welding results were significantly improved,
the communication capability between human and machine optimi
zed and the handling brought to perfection. With perfectly adjusted
components the TPS/i forms the welding system of the future.