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002.0711.1 MB 15 EVO 5M
002.0711.1 MB 15 EVO 5M

002.0711.1 MB 15 EVO 5M

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Binzel original "Evo" series MIG / MAG torches set a new standard for MIG torches being the best value for money for a standard type MIG torch, these Binzel Evo series may cost more to buy initially but once you use these you will not buy a cheap torch again, in fact you will be so impressed with the Binzel Evo MIG torches you will probably decide to advance to the ABI MIG professional torch system.  When you want to weld, be comfortable whilst you work, enjoy the flexibility and relative ease of maneuverability that the Binzel MIG torches provide then this is the torch to invest in.