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014.0529.1 MB 36 EVO PRO 3M
014.0529.1 MB 36 EVO PRO 3M

014.0529.1 MB 36 EVO PRO 3M

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Binzel MB 36 EVO PRO Mig Torch 3m Rating: 320A CO2, 290A Mixed Gases Duty Cycle: 60% Wire Size: 0.8 - 1.2mm The MB EVO PRO torch series represents a totally new concept in welding torch design, form and function. Unique ergonomics, following extensive research, provide a greater sense of control, enabling the welder to feel as “one” with his torch. The trigger position, trigger design and ball joint construction guarantee optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions. Air cooled MB EVO PRO welding torches feature the reduced weight “Bikox LW” cable assembly, for even better handling and scientifically proven reduced operator fatigue, in all welding positions. Improved handling and reduced strain have been shown to have a measurable impact on weld seam quality.